• 19'' Screen
  • Simple & Elegant
  • Cost Effective
ID: Saros


The Saros kiosk is a modern looking kiosk that is an ultra-thin contemporary model ready to help modernize any room or waiting area. The elegant design makes it ideal for, but not limited to, registration, hospitality, employee check-in, human resources, way-finding, trade shows, POS or retail applications and informational directories.

As with all our kiosks, this unit is provided with powder coat finishes for quality looks and maximum durability. The Saros is designed for a 19” LCD touch screen, customizable side trim, rear servicing and either a highly versatile Industrial PC that can include a Celeron, i3 or i7, processor or a signage PC.


  • Industrial PC Intel Celeron, i3 or i7 processors
  • Touch Screen
  • Amplified Speakers
  • Credit Card Reader/Smartcard Reader/RFDI reader
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Wi-Fi or Cellular Connectivity
  • Barcode Scanner & Imager
  • Hi-definition Web Camera
  • Privacy Filter
  • Small Receipt
  • Printer 500 Note Bill Acceptor
  • Headphone
  • Input Jack Microphone/Phone System
  • Proximity Detector

Components are not limited to the list above. Please contact us for additional requirements.








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CNTech Digital Signage Solution

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